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Learning Through Exploration, 
Curiosity And Creativity.

Allow your child to delve into the art world and be enriched in our unique and stimulating art classes at BrightHands.

Students will explore the fundamentals of art through practice, tactile play and peer collaboration, obtaining advanced practical skills and a better knowledge of art that can be applied to all aspects of life.

BrightHands presents a number of exclusive classes where students will be introduced to painting, sculpture and installation art, exploring form, colour, process and texture through practice.

Touching upon particular cultural art movements, students will gain an understanding of art history and how to recognise it in the material world.

Treasuring small class sizes and distinctive curriculum, students will gain practical art skills through our exploration of integral art mediums. 

Students will work together on large installed scales and on individual projects, building upon their social skills, hand-eye coordination and learning of the importance of collaboration through art. 

Ultimately, students will develop their sensory perceptions and interpersonal skills through creative practice and expressive outputs.

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