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INSTRUCTORS (listed in no particular order)



Bryan has started skateboarding since 2012 and has been coaching since 2018. His students normally call him Mr.B. He enjoys teaching kids and watching them learning new tricks and hopes they will like skateboarding as much as he does.


Favorite trick: No Comply 180

Action sport idol: Chris Joslin



Kingyiu has started skateboarding since 2000. He joined Nike SB team in 2012, and acted as the HK Nike skateboarding club coach. He had rich coaching experience from primary to secondary schools.


Kingyiu is a father and enjoy skateboarding together with his kid in the skatepark.



Calvin was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. He has been skating since 2013. He learnt how to skate by borrowing his brother's board when he wasn't using it. Eventually his brother stopped skating and passed down the board to him and carried on. He has coached for 2 years and was one of the few people to be sent to Superpark Malaysia grand opening. 


His main focus in skating is transition, bowl skating, doing footplants and old school tricks.

Inspired by the 80's skaters such as John Lucero, Jeff Grosso, Neil Blender and Duane Peters etc.



On is a talented young man. He has started skateboarding since 2016. He enjoys skate freely around the city. And he built his self-confidence through skateboarding over the years.


pepper-website photo.jpg

Pepper is our youngest female coach, and has started skateboarding since 2020. She enjoys it because she really loves the atmosphere and culture at the skatepark. There is no substitute for the sense of success when you can land a new trick. She hopes students enjoy skateboarding with her.

Action sport idol: Cata Diaz, Alice Smith and Rayssa Leal 


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